Brent Deramus

“I start off with my native roots, and then mix in my weirdness” is how Brent
Deramus describes his artwork. He has a love for ancient symbolism and
enjoys adding in contemporary culture. Brent is energetic, experimental,
and welcomes change. He is a proud member of the Choctaw Nation of
Oklahoma.  His art is influenced by his Native American heritage, street art,
music, and skateboarding.  He is a self-taught artist who enjoys
experimenting with different mediums and techniques. Brent is grateful for
the opportunities from the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, and all artists
representing Native American culture.

Artist Statement:

Blending ancient with modern

For thousands of years, Native people have told stories by creating designs
on rock, shell, pottery, and themselves in the form of tattoos. Many of these
symbols and stories have shared components used by multiple tribal
nations all over North and South America. I continue this tradition of
storytelling with imagery, but do so on copper, t-shirts, skateboard decks,
and accessories. Blending ancient with modern, you will find symbolism
from the Mississippian culture that predates European contact mixed with
modern elements.