Kindra Swafford

For Kindra Swafford, art has been a lifelong pursuit and a lifelong passion. From doodling as a kid to finding early guidance from supportive teachers in Salina, OK, to honing her craft in Northeastern State University’s art program, Kindra finds regenerative joy in art.

Her early inspirations drew from pop culture—Jim Lee’s comic work, Disney movies, and video games. Much like she embraced art early, she also embraced a variety of muses, including nerd culture that finds expression in her fan art today. As she studied in greater depth, she found guidance in the painting of Robert Henri and Gustav Klimt, and the sculpture of Harriet Whitney Frishmuth.

Today, Kindra’s art retains the exuberance of that early passion in her vivid colors and playful compositions, particularly in watercolor, a medium to which she finds herself increasingly drawn. She is an active member of Arts Council of Tahlequah, Inkslingers of Tulsa, OVAC, and SEIAA. She hopes to continue refining her approach, to explore new subject matter and styles, and to share her art with an ever-expanding community of artists, indigenous artists, and art enthusiasts.

Secretary of SEIAA: July 2018 – September 2019

Vice President of SEIAA: September 2019 – June 2020

“Justice” – Watercolor

“Bond” – Watercolor

“Caadi 2” – Watercolor

“Summer Tanager” – Watercolor