Minutes from SEIAA Meeting

Here are the minutes from the last SEIAA business meeting, along with some additional info:

SEIAA Minutes 10-8-2013

Troy Jackson gave Treasurer’s Report.
Tony Tiger motioned to approve Treasurer’s Report.
Callie Chunestudy 2nded motion.
Motion Carried

Artists participating in 2013 SEASAM show (Troy Jackson, Katherine Rackliff, Sharon Irla) each gave an overall favorable review of their experiences at the art show and market.
Congratulations to SEIAA Treasurer Troy Jackson, who won Best in Show, SEIAA Secretary Sharon Irla, Best in Category, Painting, and Lisa Rutherford, who won Best in Division, Cultural.

Discussion commenced regarding last-minute Cherokee Art Market booth set up and other pre-show arrangements. All artists scheduled to participate in the booth agreed to split the booth fee.

James McGirk proposed starting a blog for the association using WordPress and a one-time $69 template for the site.
Callie Chunestudy motioned to allow.
Roy Boney 2nded the motion.
Motion Carried.

Meeting adjourned.

Post-meeting info:

Congratulations to several SEIAA-affiliated artists who won awards at Cherokee Art Market (Oct. 12-13):
Tony Tiger, Best of Class in Painting, Drawing, Graphics and Photography
Chase Kahwinhut Earles, Best of Class in Pottery, and 3rd Place, Contemporary Pottery Division
Bobby C. Martin, Best of Division, Drawing, Graphics, Photography, Mixed Media
Jeff Edwards, 3rd Place, Drawing, Graphics, Photography, Mixed Media Division
Martha Berry, 2nd Place, Traditional Beadwork Division
Lisa Rutherford, 2nd Place, Contemporary Diverse Art Division
Troy Jackson, Judges’ Choice Award

Also be watching for the launch of a new and expanded seiaa.org website! Thanks to James and Amy McGirk for being willing to take the reins for a long-needed task!

Our next meeting will be held at Bobby Martin’s 7 Springs Studio at 6:30 November 5. We’ll be having a pot luck supper and print party. Come ready to make some art!
If you need a map to the studio, let me know and I can send one.

Blessings to all!
Bobby C. Martin

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